il principio fondamentale su cui si basa l’idea di progetto e’ che in alcune aree geografiche di uno stato un articolo necessiterebbe di essere riassortito mentre in altre lo stesso articolo finisce in saldo.

La distribuzione calzaturiera italiana non è più in grado di proseguire a lungo così, inventandosi di giorno in giorno, il domani; cercando di fare ogni giorno, un po’ meglio del giorno prima, così come ha sempre fatto negli ultimi anni.


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The main principle on which the project is based is that in some geographic areas of a state an article would need being re-ordered while in other areas the same article has to be put in sales.
In order to avoid this, the retailers, in collaboration with producers, are now easily able, through internet, peer to peer, to share their warehouses and to exchange stocks.
The warehouse articles of a single retailer are divided in three ranges, according to their turnover:

  • Green range: it is the most requested articles (20%). Only some of them will not be found.
  • Yellow range: it is the average requested articles (60%)
  • Red range: it is the articles that are not moved very much and that are likely to become left overs (20%). Only few of them cannot be sold all through the country.

According to the geographic areas, there could be articles that belong to the red range for a retailer, and to the green range for another.
The Shoe Exchange Network system does not change the retailers-producers relationships: on the contrary it adds another retailer-to-retailer relationship with the supervision and collaboration of the producer.

This project goes to the advantage of all those involved:

  • Consumers
    Improvement of the quality of the service offered, availability not only at the beginning of the season but all year round of a more complete stock of sizes and colours.
  • Reduction of warehouse stocks
    Easier provision of an article to be re-assorted
    Reduction of the goods to put in sales or to sell in the forthcoming years or to be blocked.
    Gain the confidence of the customer by better satisfying their requests.
  • Producers/wholesalers/purchasing groups
    Comprehensive increase of the turnover and therefore increase in the selling volumes (for every pair moved by the network, two more pairs sold by the producer on the following season).
    Access to the statistics concerning the products sold for market analysis
    Better service of ready-to–deliver stocks during the season for foreign customers.
  • And for both
    Visibility of the selling (or of the non selling) trend and of the consistency of the unsold stocks held by the retailers, to be able to sell them on the foreign markets.

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